Sri Kandi Annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony 2018

Our school annual concert and graduation ceremony was held on the 28th October 2018 at Putera Theatre Ballroom and officated by YB Datuk Dr Yusuf Yacob, the Minister of Education and Innovation.

The school annual concert featured performances by the graduating students of 2018, as well as students from Sri Kandi Iramanis, Sri Kandi Penampang and Tadika Permai Ria.

We like to express our appreciation for the hardwork by our teachers and students, the support of parents and friends of the school, and our guest of honour for his attendance.

Graduation Concert Sri Kandi 2018

Annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony of Sri Kandi Kindergarten 2018

President of Sri Kandi 2018 speech

President of Tadika Sri Kandi 2018 opening speech

Sri Kandi Annual Concert 2018

All graduating stupents of Tadika Sri Kandi in 2018

VIP at Sri Kandi Concert 2018

Annual Concert officiated by YB Datuk Dr Yusuf Yacob, Minister of Education and Innovation

Graduation presentation Sri Kandi 2018

Graduating student receiving their certificates

Annual Concert Sri Kandi 2018

Students of all years taking part in the 2018 concert