School Activity: Learning To Brush Teeth

Tadika Sri Kandi enjoyed a visit from Klinik Pergigian Penampang on 28th March 2012 at our kindergarten in Lido, Penampang. This visit from Pasukan Pergigian Bergerak Prasekolah Daerah Penampang is a mobile clinic that travels to kindergartens all over Kota Kinabalu. Its mission is to introduce correct dental care to young children.

As all parents know, children love to eat food and snacks with high sugar content. It is essential to cultivate good oral hygiene at a young age. The good thing about children is that most of them love to do activities in a group. So if you get one child to starting brushing his teeth, most of the children will go along.

Oral Hygiene: Learning To Brush Teeth

The road show from the mobile oral hygiene clinic arrived at 8.30am, lead by Puan Ismaliana Ismail and 3 nurses. Our kindergarten class was treated to demonstration on the correct way to brush their teeth, followed by teeth inspection, role playing where the students took turns to be the patient or the nurse.

Then, they were treated to a puppet show. Finally, they got to brush their teeth in the way they have just been taught. Practical activities, as well role-playing, puppet shows and demonstrations serves to reinforce what they have learned. Oral hygiene will serve them well throughout their life.

A word of appreciation to the hard-working mobile dental clinics and to the Health Ministry of Malaysia. Thanks for taking the time and effort to visit our kindergarten, and in teaching our young children.

Tadika Sri Kandi Activity Dental Care

The correct way to brush your teeth

Tadika Sri Kandi Activity Dental Care for children

The kindergarten class listening to the nurse

Tadika Sri Kandi Activity oral hygiene

Taking turns to role-play (She looks like a future doctor)

Tadika Sri Kandi Activity Dental hygiene role play

Role-playing also reinforces what they have learned

Tadika Sri Kandi children brushing teeth

A job well done

Tadika Sri Kandi learning to brush teeth

Nice teeth, happy smiles