Kindergarten Activities For March 2011

Happy Birthday To you!

We say Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to our students who celebrated their birthdays in March 2011.
Best wishes to Alex Anthony Jr and Chong Seo Sen, who celebrated their birthdays together at Tadika Sri Kandi, Penampang. They are both 4 years old. We had a birthday party for them and the children enjoyed themselves tremendously. It is all about sharing good times with your family and friends!

Best wishes to Jacklyn Chin, who just celebrated her 4th birthday. Her parents attended her party at our kindergarten and we look forward to many more celebrations this year.

Photos Of Happy Children

Birthdays in Sri Kandi

Chong Seo Sen and Alex Anthony Jr

Birthday Sri Kandi

Happy Birthday to Jacklyn Chin

Tadika Sri Kandi students

It's Fun Being A Kid!

Sri Kandi students

We want to celebrate too!

Sri Kandi children

Friends Forever!

Congratulations To Our Teachers

We Have More To Celebrate

Congratulations to our teachers, Jenny Joseph, Henrietta Mello, Jennifa Cornelius, Junnainah Asanda, Nancy Lodunga and Rafidah Razalie Leo! They have successfully completed their course and are our latest graduates as Kindergarten Teachers. They are from our kindergartens, Tadika Sri Kandi and Tadika Permai Ria.

Teachers Graduation

Graduation Ceremony with our principal in the center.

Tadika Sabah Teachers

Our New Graduate Teachers

Activities For April – Annual Mini Sports Day

Tadika Sri Kandi Annual Mini Sports Day

It is time for some fun and games during the month of April 2011. Tadika Sri Kandi will host the kindergarten’s Annual Mini Sports Day. All parents and friends are welcomed to show your support for our champions in the making, and to join in the fun and games.

Date: Sunday, April 24, 8:30am – 12:00pm
Venue: SRJK(c) Shan Tao , Badminton Court, Kepayan.

Photos From February Activities

In February 2011, the dental team from the Ministry of Health paid a visit to our kindergartens. For Sri Kandi, Penampang, the visits were on the 14th and 18th of February. Our students were treated to a puppet show from the visiting dental medical team. Followed by demonstrations on the correct way to brush their teeth and oral hygiene. Fluoride dental treatment for their teeth was also carried out.

As you can imagined, there was laughter during the puppet show and tears during the oral examination and treatment. Some of the children were apprehensive during the treatment but they got through it just fine. Here’s to our brave little angels!

Sri Kandi students

Our students enjoying the puppet show.

Sri Kandi kids

Really attentive children.

Tadika Sri Kandi

How do you get children to sit so quietly?

Little Angel Kindergarten

All's Well That Ends Well.