Happy Birthdays At Our School

It’s as simple as A-B-C, A birthday’s more fun if you share it with me!

A school is a wonderful place for a child, it is filled with wonder, games and friends. To add to the magical years of growing up, children are encouraged to share their joy and gifts. By doing so, they learn to celebrate their successes and that sharing adds to the joy of having. When you have two children together, they have twice as much fun.

By celebrating their birthdays in our school, children learn to interact socially. When they have shared a happy experience with their friends, they learn about being part of something larger than themselves. And the happy memories they share makes them enjoy going to school.

As teachers of Taska & Tadika Sri Kandi, we enjoy helping children experience the joy and fun of going to school. We keep them motivated and interested in discovering new things, to enjoy their lessons. As we are near the end of 2010 school year, we are gratified to see our students growth and to see them gain new skills.

If you wish to let your child celebrate his or her birthday at our school, kindly inform your child’s teacher.

On your birthday, stretch for a sunbeam…
Reach for a star, Go for a beautiful dream…
Pick out some wishes, no matter how far,
or how hard to reach they may seem…
Cherish some hopes that are dear to your heart…
And as a new year comes in view,
treasure and keep them and know from the start
that this year you can make them come true!