On 30th October 2010, Taska and Tadika Permai Ria held their annual Graduation and Mini Concert for 2010. This concert featured performances by the preschool students of Permai Ria, followed by the graduation ceremony of the class of 2010. The graduation students will be leaving the school and attend primary school in 2011.

Concert Activities

All the students took to the stage for the opening of the concert to perform the national anthem, Negara Ku, and Sabah Tanah Airku.

Permai Ria concert

Getting ready on stage

Speech by the president of Taska and Tadika Permai Ria, Mdm Leong Fei Yeen, on the achievement of the school in 2010. Also to let parents see some of the school activities their children took part in, and to inform parents of the launch of our website by YB Tan Sri Dompok.

The children from the ages of 3 to 6 performed popular songs on stage. They have been practicing hard to put on a show for their parents, teachers and audience of the concert. They performed:

  • Jai-Ho Dance
  • Waka Waka Dance
  • Rasa Sayang Dance
  • Bintang Kecil
  • Chinese Dance
  • Berjuta Vatu Dance
  • Bollywood Dance
Permai Ria Preschool

Getting ready backstage

Permai Ria students

We are ready to perform

Guest Performers

There was a surprise for the parents and children – a guest performance by the students of Tadika Sri Kandi, who rocked the stage with their rendition of Nobody, Nobody.

Graduation Ceremony

Followed by the Graduation ceremony and the presentation of certificates to the class of 2010. Mdm Leong presented the students with their certificates. As they will be leaving our school soon, they will be missed and we are glad to have been a part of their early education.

Graduates of 2010

Permai Ria Graduates of 2010

Preschool Graduates

Primary 1 - Here we come

Special Thanks

To all the students who worked so hard to prepare for this concert, all the parents who showed up to support their young children, the teachers who worked hand in hand with the students to deliver a great concert, the MC – Angeline from Tadika Sri Kandi, our guest performers – the Sri Kandi Wondergirls, and to our president who organized and made sure everything went according to plan.

permai ria audience

Proud parents of Permai Ria

We will see you again next year.