Permai Ria Celebrates Merdeka Raya 2011

Taska and Tadika Permai Ria celebrated Merdeka Raya on 16th September 2011 at our kindergarten in Indah Permai. It was a combination of Merdaka Day and Hari Raya party as these two important days are part of our multi-cultural society.

Our parents, pupils and friends turned to celebrate with us, with song and dance, and lots of food. It started off a song and dance session from the children of Taska and Tadika Permai Ria. After which, the teachers and parents of the kindergarten joined in, dancing along to popular Hari Raya songs.

Merdeka Raya at Tadika Permai Ria

Activities at Permai Ria during Merdeka Raya

We organized a balloon blowing contest for our pupils, followed by musical chairs. Our brave children competed to blow up the balloons and I can tell you that our girls are every bit as brave as the boys. Musical chairs is always popular and gave the children a chance to interact in a safe and fun manner.

Cake cutting at Tadika Permai Ria

When it comes to cakes, children of all ages just love them. We had two cakes, and they all rushed in to join in the cake cutting, completely surrounding the cakes. That is our principal being surrounded by children when it came time.

Family and Friends Tadika Permai Ria

Our parents and students who celebrated Merdeka Raya with us got together for a group photo. We look forward to many more activities with our parents and students.

We take this opportunity to thank all the parents, friends, teachers and pupils of our kindergarten who turned up and help make this a day of fun.

For more photos and activities, please visit our Permai Ria Facebook page.