At the end of September 2010, Taska and Tadika Permai Ria held a Hari Raya gathering, attended by students and parents at Indah Permai. Whereas Tadika Sri Kandi celebrated Mooncake Festival, we decided to hold a Hari Raya gathering to better reflect the demographics of our students here. Besides, as Malaysians, we celebrate all the festivals.

The Hari Raya gathering was a chance for parents to visit the school and also for the children to enjoy some activities together. We organized a game of musical chairs for our students, and a dance for the adults to join in and have fun. We had a cake made for this occasion and also prepared a buffet lunch for those present.

Cake at Permai Ria

A Kongsi Raya cake for the gathering.

dancing at permai ria

Our teachers and parents leading the dance.

Hari Raya at Permai Ria

Parents, students and teachers of Tadika Permai Ria.

We would like to offer our thanks to the parents and students who came to our Kongsi Raya Mooncake gathering at Tadika Permai Ria, and thanks to our teachers who worked so hard to organized this gathering.