Learning Tools: e-Talking Pen

Learning Mandarin the fun and easy way with e-Talking Pen.

Children from all ages and races can use this learning tool to learn to read Chinese with the e-Talking Pen.

Learning Mandarin can be more difficult than English or Malay.

The Chinese language is written with characters instead of alphabets.

The pronunciation of the words depend on the way the characters are written.

While some of the characters may look identical, it can have different meaning.

To many people, this means there are a lot of words and pronunciations to learn.

The e-Talking Pen is a fun and easy way of learning to read.

The e-Learning Pen

elearning pen

Learn Mandarin the fun way

As a Kindergarten, we have come across many learning tools. Most learning tools are useful, and given time and supervision can greatly contribute to a child’s learning improvement.

One learning tool we feel that can contribute greatly to help the child learn Mandarin is the e-Talking Pen. It is a programmable electronic talking pen. It is one of the easiest learning aid to use, and it makes learning fun for children. The child can operate the pen alone or under parent’s supervision.

The e-Talking Pen is programed to read from the Chinese books that comes with the pen. Just by pointing at the words, the pen will read out the word. It can also read out the complete sentence. The books are well suited to preschool education.

In addition to developing your child’s reading skills, it also develops your child’s listening and comprehension skills.

As your child expands his or her ability to read Chinese, you can increase the number of books programed into the pen. This will ensure your child’s knowledge will keep growing, and your child will not be bored with reading and learning from the books.

Using The e-Talking Pen

e-talking Pen
The e-Talking Pen is designed to be easy for children to use. It is built large so children find it easy to grasp.

Using the pen is as simple as point the pen on the character you want to read on the book, and the pen will do the rest.

It will read out the Chinese word – clearly and loudly. To repeat, just point again.

To read another word, point to the next word. When completed, you can make the pen read out the whole sentence.

When you finish the book, open the next book, and repeat the process.

More books are being added by the manufacturer, including English and Mathematics.

Library of unique and Fun Learning Materials, Story Telling & Interactive Games.

The hands-on learning method exposes your child to thousands of words with standard pronunciation and clear diction.

Order The e-Learning Pen

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Order the e-Talking Pen

The e-Talking Pen is available from Tadika Sri Kandi and Tadika Permai Ria. Give your child a head start in learning Mandarin.

To order your e-Talking Pen, download the order form below. All students of Tadika Sri Kandi and Tadika Permai Ria are entitled to s special price and payment plans. All orders will be placed with Taska & Tadika Sri Kandi and collected from our Penampang kindergarten.

This is an e-learning tool, and we recommend all children should read under adult supervision.

Or visit our kindergartens for a live demonstration.