Kindergarten Class

Children from the ages of 4 to 6 are enrolled into our kindergarten classes. Classes are conducted from 8.00am to 12.00pm. In between classes, preschoolers are provided with a tea-break at 9.30am with drinks and biscuits provided. All students are supervised at all times by their class teachers.

Our Curriculum

  1. Fundamental English & English Phonics
  2. Bahasa Melayu: Reading, Writing & Speaking
  3. Chinese: Reading, Writing & Speaking
  4. Maths: Recognizing Numbers 123, Basic Addition & Subtraction
  5. Story Telling and Reading
  6. Song & Movement
  7. Colouring & Art
  8. Games & Indoor activities
  9. Children Computer-aided Lessons

Behavioral Activities

  1. To behave well in class.
  2. To return toys and stationary to their original places.
  3. To share toys.
  4. Puzzle & Jigsaws solving.

Grading System

  1. Physical Development.
  2. Social Development.
  3. Intellectual Development.
  4. Emotional Development.
  5. Language Development.
  6. Cognitive Development.
  7. Hygiene and Self Help.

School Holidays

School terms and holidays are as currently implemented by the Ministry of Education. Public holidays are rest days. Chinese New Year Holidays will be from Chinese New Year Eve to the fourth day. Mid-year break will follow normal school holidays. Annual holidays shall be at the last week of December.