Dumex Dugro Roadshow In Tadika Sri Kandi – July 2011

The Dumex Dugro Roadshow came to Tadika Sri Kandi, Penampang on 19th July 2011. It was a fun-filled day for our pupils, with lots of activities, fun and goodies. Our pupils enjoyed themselves with the activities organized by the Dumex Dugro Roadshow team.

The children played musical chairs, basket ball and tried out the Dumex Dugro Chocolate Milk. Some of the parents also showed up to join the activities. Everyone, including children, teachers, parents and roadshow team enjoyed the day.

Dumex Dugro Roadshow Sri Kandi

Dumex Dugro roadshow in Tadika Sri Kandi, Penampang

Musical Chair Sri Kandi Penampang

Musical Chair is always popular with children

sri kandi sports activities

The winning shot

Dumex Dugro Roadshow Sri Kandi July 2011

It was a day of fun and activites

Dumex Dugro chocolate drink Sri Kandi

Getting children to try Dugro chocolate milk

Tadika Sri Kandi Penampang July

Tadika Sri Kandi and Dumex Dugro Roadshow July 2011

Tadika Sri Kandi Teachers July 2011

Our teachers and the roadshow team

Thanks to the Dumex Dugro Roadshow Team!