Happy Chinese New Year at Sri Kandi – Year of the snake

In every early of the year, there is a festival called the ” Chinese New Year ” which is celebrated by the Chinese people all around the world. This year is the year of the Snake.
This year Taska and Tadika Sri Kandi organize our annual Chinese New Year activity on the 23rd of February at our Penampang kindergarten. Parents and students were all invited to come and join in our Chinese New Year activity, which included lion dance, dragon dance and food.

Before our Chinese New Year activity start, we teach our students the meaning, tradition and culture of Chinese New Year.


01Student making the Chinese New Year card for their parents.

The production of our students’ hard work










Let the activity begin!!!

During the time of around 2:45p.m parents and students start to arrive. At the time of 3p.m, all the parents and students have arrive. After 10 minutes, the Lion and the Dragon Dance crew had arrive.
After the arrival of all the people, The Lion and Dragon Dance begins.

03Parents and students start to arrive.

01The Board of Director and her Son.

02The hard working teachers of Taska and Tadika Sri Kandi.

04Parents, students, and teachers have all gather around to enjoy the Chinese New Year activity.

05The arrival of the Lion and Dragon Dance crew.

The Dragon Dance


07The entry of the Dragon Dance.

08The beauty of the Dragon.

09The Dragon Dance crew doing the curl.

06The Lion Dance crew waiting to perform.

The Lion Dance

10The entry of the Lion Dance crew.

11A great performance by the Lion Dance crew.

12Let’s have some fun!!!

13“Mommy!!! What’s that over there?”

Board of Director giving red pocket to the students

16Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!


15Even this guy is giving children red packet too.

After the performence of the Lion Dance and the Dragon Dance, we had prepaid refreshments for everyone. During the refreshments parents are keen to catch up with teachers about their children. While some teachers jobs never ends, taking care of their beloved students even during the holidays.

18Refreshments are prepaid for all.

19Give me more!!!

25Hey kid. Don’t be afraid of me.

14Teacher taking care of student.

24“Bye bye Lion Dance”

17The word “wang” made by the Lion Dance crew for Sri Kandi.

After the performence by the Lion Dance and the Dragon Dance crew, and the refreshments. Parents and students all went home with a big smile on the face. We at Taska and Tadika Sri Kandi were all happy, because we got to spend yet another prosperous and an amazing start of a new year with all the parents and students. We hope to see you again on the next event. We wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year and good bye.