Happy Father’s Day In Tadika Permai Ria – June 2011

Taska and Tadika Permai Ria, Sepanggar celebrates Happy Father’s Day with our kindergarten and playschool pupils. The children learned a new song and made lots of gifts for their dads for Father’s Day.

There was a man
Who had a child
And DADDY was his name-o
…And DADDY was his name-o

Music from the childrens song, BINGO.

Fathers day Tadika Permai Ria

Celebrating Father's Day with our pupils

Tadika Permai Ria Sepanggar

Happy Fathers Day

Fathers Day activity Permai Ria

Making a present for Fathers Day

Happy fathers day 2011 Permai Ria

Happy Fathers Day 2011

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers everywhere – Good Health always!